Where To Find Sports Fishing Tackle And Lures In Mauritius

Where To Find Sports Fishing Tackle And Lures In Mauritius
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Deciding to spend a few days, a couple of weeks, or even more time, in Mauritius sure is a wonderful prospect! Soaking up that glorious sunshine, relaxing on those long stretches of tranquil beaches and, of course, enjoying the local cuisine, are all part and parcel of the experience.

If you enjoy fishing, whether that be as an amateur or a pro, you are likely looking forward to doing a lot more than sunbathing in Mauritius! Indeed, with plenty of potential to have an amazing fishing experience, Mauritius could very well be described as a fisher’s paradise.

Of course, to do any form of fishing you are going to need equipment. So where can you get sports fishing tackle and lures in Mauritius?

Hire From Fishing Resorts & Hotels

To a large extent, where you plan to stay may have an impact on where you can get your equipment from. Some hotels or fishing resorts may be able to provide you with equipment to hire, as well as lures and any other accessories you may have in mind. If this is the case it may very well be the best option for you, especially if you are only going to be spending a few days or so in Mauritius.

Fishing Shops

If you have opted for an accommodation type which does not have the option of buying or hiring fishing equipment you will likely need to look farther afield. In most towns and resorts you should find shops and services related to fishing. Take the time to visit a few of them and see what kind of deals are on offer.

Use Travel Sites Forum

As well as physically visiting such stores, you may also find it useful to do a little research online. Travel sites where people can relate their experiences when staying in Mauritius can be a great source of recommendations. Find out where people who stayed in a location close to yours went to for their fishing equipment and whether they were happy with what they were provided with.

Indeed, we know that a trip to Mauritius has the potential to be rather magical, to say the least. If your way of relaxing involves a spot of fishing, you sure are going to the right place. We hope that the tips we have outlined above will help you to find the right fishing tackle and lures to make your trip to Mauritius extra special.

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