Best types of fish for big game fishing in Mauritius

Best types of fish for big game fishing in Mauritius
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Mauritius sea arena is naturally set up its pedestal as one of the best big game fishing destinations for sport fishing enthusiasts. The island offers both locals and visiting tourists a bountiful selection of fish thanks to its warm tropical waters. Here, you can find vast numbers of endemic species found nowhere else on earth. For a detailed review, we have highlighted some of major types of fish species you are likely to catch on your fishing expedition.

1. The Sailfish

The sailfish shows incredible speed, and this makes your hunt much more thrilling. It can cover speeds of up to 68 miles per hour thus earning its title as the fastest fish in the sea. The favorite game fish features a blue or grey color with a white underbelly. Its erectile dorsal fin can be seen stretching all the way to the back. When hooked, sailfish give a spirited fight, leaping and diving repeatedly. This makes it incredibly hard to catch and can take hours.

Most tourists keep it as a trophy. If you are keen on catching a sailfish, it’s best to have a variety of live baits. For kite baits or surface feeding sailfish, try using goggle eye, blue runners or speedos to catch one. While ballyhoo rig, sardines, pilchards, and cigar minnows are great baits for deep swimming sailfish. Plastic lures are excellent for spotting as they save the live baits for later action when the sailfish turn up.

2. Black Marlin

The black marlin has the body, speed and endurance to make it a top-rated game fish, coveted by most anglers. It’s one of the largest marlin species and the only one with non-retractable fin. The black marlin mostly feeds on squids and tuna. They are deep swimmers, but when hooked, black marlins give magnificent leaps and heated fights. When baiting a black marlin, some of the best tactics include slow trolling dead or live skipping bait such as skipjack tuna or fast trolling with large rubber skirted lures like that used by Peter Pakula. For an exciting sport fishing experience, it’s also best to have an experienced captain who has caught plenty of black marlins to increase your chances of finding one.

3. The Dorado

The Dorado is by far one of the most colorful game fish you can find. Its vivid blue and green color infuse well a rich gold making it very appealing to see. The Dorado is also known as Mahi-mahi. It makes an excellent game fish due to its impressive acrobatics and furious speeds during a chase. The Dorado makes a tasty cuisine. Catching the Dorado is not for the faint-hearted. It can take hours in the deep sea before sighting one. However, the reward of trolling one is much satisfying. Dorados are mostly hooked during trolling by baits meant for the big fish such as sailfish and marlins. This method is the most effective way to catch one though not the best.

Make Mauritius your next destination of choice for a splendid big game fishing adventure. You surely won’t miss any of these sea kings in action.

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